Edwin was always that lonely, bored store worker who had the same daily routine—wake up, go to work, come back in the evening and sleep. But he was not always like that. He was a married man who had settled down with his long-time lover.

Edwin met her wife Martha way back in college. They were young and stupid in love. Martha had never been in a serious relationship with any other guy. So, you can say Edwin was her very first true love. But they say love is a bitch, it all depends on how you treat her. Things changed in their second year of marriage. Edwin became busier in the store, leaving her hot and always horny wife at home. There was this time Edwin came back home and found some used condoms in the dustbin. That was the beginning of a crumbling marriage. They ended up divorcing after Edwin couldn’t take it anymore.

His life was so dark; he hadn’t been with another woman for two years since his wife left. His sexual desires grew each time he saw hot females at the store shopping. There was this regular customer who was so sexy, had the most perfect body and looked like she didn’t care what people said about her. Edwin tried hitting on her one day. She responded “You want it? You have to pay for it.”

These words got him thinking the whole night. He then decided to do some background checking on the lady and found out that she was an escort. He was delighted about this new revelation since he knew he only had to pay to enjoy this sumptuous lady.

The next time she came to the store, Edwin walked up to her and asked for her number. She willingly gave it to him knowing that he was nothing but a new client. Edwin called her later that evening and they arranged a meeting at his place.

She came, looking sexy as usual. She was in a red dress that revealed a bigger portion of her thighs and cleavage. Edwin was already hard and wanted nothing but some serious sex. She noticed and walked up to him. They kissed and he felt so good and he became harder. She unzipped his pants, and began to suck his dick. She took off her panties, and they began to fuck.

This felt so great and it only took him 3 minutes to cum. They were clearly not satisfied with each other and so she relaxed with him on the couch and they romanced, preparing for what was going to be a long night for Edwin.

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